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I hope to continue supporting BVO, and I’m always thinking of ideas to do so. Instead of just asking for money, my teammates and I like to be creative, like the BVO Challenge and a ski sale that creates some excitement and benefit.
Duncan, Georgian Peaks Ski Club
With his teammates, raised over $30,000 for BVO in 2020 and 2021
We really appreciate everything BVO does for us, and we’re so grateful that we have something like BVO in our community. Over the past years, my family has benefitted from BVO’s Good Food Box, Holiday Hampers, the Treasure Shop, and Recreational Funding. People shouldn’t be afraid about not having money and needing to use BVO services. It’s tough out there and some people just aren’t getting ahead. There’s no shame in getting help when you need it.
Thornbury Resident
Thank you for helping us and for making a very difficult part of our lives tolerable. Having your food cards was a blessing, providing us with groceries and keeping our spirits up. Your loving care overwhelms us!
The Blue Mountains Resident
We love the Treasure Shop! When our home burned down at the end of September, BVO was so generous and very kind to us. This will not be forgotten.
The Blue Mountains Resident
I moved to Thornbury to start a family business, The Dam Pub, and learned about BVO very quickly as it is such a big part of our community. A few months after opening the pub, I broke my leg very badly. I was off work for a year and a half and could not work. It was one of the hardest periods of my life. Fortunately, BVO was there for me and my daughters, helping to feed us through their emergency food program while I was unable to work. We are all so fortunate to live in this amazing place, and BVO is part of what makes it so special. BVO will always be there for everyone in our community, and I will always be there to support this wonderful organization.
Thornbury Resident
Since the beginning of Bottles for BVO, I have enjoyed meeting new people, developing friendships with volunteers, and making a difference in your community. And spending time outside has been a nice bonus! I would like to thank all the volunteers that I’ve worked with, as well as the people in this amazing community who continue to donate their empties at the landfill and our drop-off sites. And a big shout-out to the Meaford Beer Store, which has been so great in accommodating us every time we bring in hundreds of bottles and cans. This has been a wonderful community effort!”
Bottles for BVO Volunteer
BVO has been such a wonderful resource for me and my son Henry. During my maternity leave, we attended the twice-weekly Early Learning Playgroup sessions and it was the highlight of Henry’s week! We are new to the area and the sessions provided such a great opportunity to get to know fellow parents and children in the community. Especially after so much isolation during lockdowns, the sessions were the perfect activity for Henry (and me) to have some much needed socialization. I am a first time mom and this group has provided so much useful information on child rearing and development. With Julie’s guidance, Henry’s communication skills have flourished! We feel so lucky to have BVO in our community and look forward to utilizing the other programs available as Henry ages. Thank you!
Meg & Henry
The Blue Mountains Residents

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