Georgian Bay Youth Roots

Youth are important to BVO, and we want to make sure that young people have a voice. BVO is working to support youth in The Blue Mountains in a variety of ways.

BVO partners with Georgian Bay Youth Roots (GBYR), an organization committed to encouraging all youth to become healthy, safe, hopeful, engaged, educated and contributing members of The Town of The Blue Mountains and the Municipality of Meaford.  Youth Roots seeks to create connections and partnerships between youth and community so that opportunities are created for youth to lead, develop and thrive.

Youth Roots meets several times each year.  Email us for times and dates.  The meetings, open to adult and youth participants, are used to communicate and update Youth Roots initiatives and strategies.  If meetings are not your thing, there are other ways to become involved.  Connect with us and we will keep you informed of these opportunities.

Youth Roots is actively looking for participants in the community.  Have your voice heard! Help ensure our community is meeting the needs of all youth.

Co-op Placements

Whether a high school student is interested in focusing on children’s programs or gaining an overall understanding of BVO, we can provide 2 credit or 4 credit Co-op opportunities.

Treasure Shop

The Treasure Shop is a great place to shop for Grade 8 Graduation, High School Commencement or other important occasions. You will find great clothes at amazing prices and clothing you can use to make an incredible new design of your own!

BVCS Supplies Box

BVO keeps a box of items like toothpaste, deodorant and soap at BVCS. If you are running low, talk to one of the Grade 7/8 teachers for more information.

Why Donate

Local families are able to access our emergency food cubby, clothing & household items, and fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year. A parent receives recreational funding to help enroll their child in organized hockey/dance or other activities of their choice. Children of local families receive quality childcare right in their own community. Seniors and caregivers benefit from important information and resources available to maximize their quality of life.

For over 35 years, BVO and its many volunteers have been working hard to enhance the lives of people in The Blue Mountains, from infants to seniors, with quality programs and services. While proceeds from our Treasure Shop sales and government funding go a long way to fund BVO’s good work, financial support from the community is always needed. People give for different reasons and in different ways: to support a cause that is important to them and make an impact in their community; to ensure that their memory lives on in a meaningful way; to help reduce taxes while supporting charitable causes that align with their values. Some hold 3rd party fundraisers, where they participate in an engaging event while having fun and raising money that will help locals in our community when times are tough. 

There are many ways in which you can support BVO, both now and in the future. Please consider giving to BVO to help us continue “making good things happen in our community”.

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